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BENJAMIN HAUPT ARCHITEKTEN is an international operating, Munich Germany based architecture practice.

The office envisions itself as a proactive and reliable partner for our clients, approaching architecture – regardless its scale – with passionate focus on design, professional in process and affirmatively sustainable in its outcome. Rich with multiple expertises, the office is fuelled by talented designers and experienced architects that jointly develop projects from early sketches to on-site supervision. At the core of our architecture is the aim at turning intense research of spatial and programatic matters as well as materiality and detailing into the driving forces of design.

Our work has been acclaimed on numerous occasions. Amongst them international won competitions, exhibitions and stipends.

Additionally to the holistic scope of architectural design, the office is providing corporate architecture consultancy- and planning services. The strong competence in this field is emphatically emphasized by a long year partnership with Audi AG and it’s resulting diversity of concepts, studies and a range of more than 300 realized projects in China.